Our Team

Heliopolis Garden Team

Mr Gamal

Mr Gamal is responsible for directing the volunteers and showing them what work to do. He is also responsible for providing the grand design of the garden. Mr Gamal also provides the tools to work with. Finally, Mr Gamal provides us with valuable experience on how to grow and take care of plants.

Ostaz Gamal

Rania El Abd

Rania is responsible for networking, connecting the team and adding new volunteers to expand our team of volunteers.

Rania El Abd

Ashraf Al Shafaki

Ashraf is responsible for documenting the project and grasping its essence in photos, videos and in written form as well as writing the content of this website.

Ashraf Al Shafaki is the owner of the popular Arabic blog The Farm Dream. He is the initiator of the Permaculture Egypt website and is currently working on connecting people interested sustainability in Egypt with one another.

Ashraf can be reached via his email address: ashraf.shafaki@gmail.com

Ashraf Al Shafaki

Dalia El Abd

Dalia is responsible for promoting the idea among her vast network of friends.