Street Garden

Design Principles

Mr Gamal aims at creating a garden that provides the following 3 aspects:

  1. Color: A splash of color through a diversity of colorful flowers.
  2. Aroma: A combination of pleasant scents.
  3. Fruit: Edible fruits.
Pink flowers

His design also takes into account a selection of plants that are threatenned and are about to be extinct.

Yellow flowers

Garden Elements

  1. Fence made of palm fronds around the garden to protect it from pedestrian treading.
  2. Mint as ground cover to keep weeds at check.
  3. Composting site.
  4. Plant nursery. Crowding together of:
    1. Color palette علبة ألوان
    2. Perfume essences مخزن للعطر

Future Projects

  • Compost heap [done]
  • Cards with names of plants for educating kids! Ostaz Gamal's suggestion! The garden becomes an educational hub. [in progress]
  • Songs for the kids volunteering in the garden to motivate them, give them a sense of belonging and create a fun atmosphere. (Suggestion by Mr Gamal)
    • يا مصر قومى وشدى الحيل
    • شوف الزهور واتعلم