Pact with Kids

In order to protect the plants from vandalism by kids, Mr Gamal made a sort of informal 'pact' with them. He told the kids to point to any plant they liked and that he would propagate it for them. Indeed, the kids started choosing the plants they liked and Mr Gamal propagated the ones they choose then gave them to the kids as the plants started to mature.

The results of this informal 'pact' were outstanding for not only did those kids not destroy Mr Gamal's plans in the street but they even protected them by shouting away any other kids who tried to hurt the plants! The pact was successful and mutually beneficial. Everyone wins. People are an important element in any permaculture design and must be taken into consideration when designing for a sustainable permaculture garden particularly when that garden is a garden in the street and open to everyone.

Secret Locations

Because people in the area are used to seeing grass planted in the land of the street garden and because the idea of a beneficial ground cover is novel to those around the garden, Mr Gamal has employed his own tactic for gradually 'invading' the garden patch with a useful ground cover of mint rather than grass to suppress weeds!

Mint ground cover

He simply plants short cuttings of mint roots in hidden locations around the garden. As the mint grows, Mr Gamal prunes it heavily so no one would notice it and pluck it out. The heavy pruning also serves to get the short mint plants to spread out their roots further and claim new land. The plan is to stop the pruning when the mint plants have spread considerably and are no longer threatened by any vandalism of passers by.

Palm Fronds Fence

In order to protect the new plants from being damaged by pedestrians crossing the garden, Mr Gamal has started to use palm tree fronds taken from nearby date palm trees to gradually create a fence across the border between the plants and the pedestrian pavement in the street.

Palm fronds fence

For plants that need extra care and are rare and valuable Mr Gamal also creates an extra 'nest' around those valuable plants also using palm tree fronds.