Ostaz Gamal

Mr Gamal, an Egyptian man who is 76 years old, is initiating this beautiful mixed garden in the street next to his home in Cairo. Seeing his activity, volunteers have started to gather around Mr. Gamal to learn and help him out with his urban street gardening efforts!

Ostaz Gamal

The word "Ostaz" means "Mr" in Arabic. The name "Gamal" in Arabic means beauty!

Enjoying Life!

Mr Gamal says that people spend too much money and effort to fill their stomachs yet he sees the enjoyment of eating as not the only source of feeling happy. He says that enjoyment of eating is a pleasant thing but only lasts for a short time. In contrast, he recons that the enjoyment of pleasant scents and beautiful colorful scenery are joys that last much longer yet many people are not paying attention to longer lasting sources of enjoyment in life!

Egyptian children having fun in the garden


Mr Gamal is an avid propagator of plans. He loves to propagate plants that are about to be extinct. He feverishly keeps propagating more and more of them through cuttings. He also keeps a handful of seeds in his pocket "keeping life inside my pockets" he says!

Softwood Propagation

Mr Gamal employs softwood propagation to propagate Wild Privet (تمر حنة) and several other woody trees.


The following are quotations from Mr Gamal's words:

  • "September is Egypt's second spring."
  • "I imagine myself as a giant roaming the streets of the city planting everywhere along the streets of the city!"
  • A plant with 3 functions is better than a plant with only 2 functions. A plant that has 4 functions is better than a plant that provides only 3 functions. [The multiple functions permaculture concept.] He is referring to plants that can provide fruits, give pleasant aroma and colorful flowers all at the same time plus shielding from wind, acting as a fence and so on.