Here is a list of types of money exchanges and how they are related to the Egyptian culture.


Buying is the process of paying money in return of a service or good that is agreed upon between the buyer and seller to be equivalent to the amount of money paid.


Presents are offered to friends, family or anyone you want to give something to without asking for something in return. Presents can be offered to the rich and to the poor alike. There does not have to be a special occasion to offer someone a present. While sellers ask for money in return for their goods or services and beggars ask for money in return of nothing, presents or gifts are normally provided for a person without this person asking for them.


Zakat is money paid by Egyptian Muslims for charity. It is equivalent to 2.5% of their total savings and is paid annually. There are several channels where this type of money can go on top of which is poverty alleviation.

An equivalent to Zakat for Egyptian Christians, most of which are Copts, is the tithe which is the equivalent of 10% of what a person earns.


Sadaka is what is paid in excess of Zakat for charity purposes as well.


Begging is similar to selling except that you ask for money while not giving anything in return. It is acceptable for a person in need to beg, yet for those who are in need and do not go begging this considered to be better and are even more worthy of providing Zakat or Sadaka. As for those who are not in need and still go begging this is completely not acceptable. 


Donation is a foreign word for the Egyptian culture. Donation means that people would pay money for a specific cause and the person who is raising funds even if he or she is well off still gets paid very well from such donations! In Egypt this is considered to be a new concept and sounds closest to begging.

Even though according to Islam it is acceptable for Muslims to pay part of their Zakat to the people who are working on collecting, managing and distributing the Zakat yet in Egypt most people who undertake this kind of task do it on a volunteer basis and the practice of those who take money in return of promoting some cause is not well accepted in the Egyptian culture.


In the Egyptian culture being generous to your guest is an essential trait. As an Egyptian you should provide food and even shelter to your guest in the best way you can even if you do not have much yourself. It would be considered out of the question for an Egyptian to offer food and shelter to someone at his home then ask for a donation in return! If someone is offering a hospitality service and works in such business, this is something different because he asks for money in return of a service and does not ask for a donation. Donations are not part of the Egyptian culture.