Spreading Happiness


The soul feeds on beauty. Beauty helps the soul calm down, it improves one's mental abilities and keeps a person mentally and psychologically balanced not to mention the serenity of being surrounded by beauty all around.

Kid on bike

Seeing the splash of color in the diverse set of plants and their flowers in the garden provides one with a sense of beauty. The pleasant scents of plants and their flowers are also a source of beauty in their own way.


Being in the proximity of plants inhaling their oxygen, smelling their aroma, marveling at their colorfulness and eating from their fresh produce boosts one's well being and greatly enhances one's health.

Ostaz Gamal's street garden helps enhance the health of those who live in proximity of it and who walk next to it or across it. Those who volunteer to work in the garden are for sure the ones who benefit the most health wise!


Neighbors started joining forces and working together in the street garden. A sense of community and connectedness has started to evolve as we work together and collaborate on making this street garden a paradise.

Spreading Awarness

Demonstration Garden

The garden will serve as a model for other gardens. Acting as a demonstration garden it will help others see, and smell, the beauty of the garden and get 'infected' to spread the idea and the practice around.


The garden also works as a place for empowering people by providing hands on experience in natural gardening. Some people from various areas across Cairo have come to visit us in this street garden and have joined us in our efforts to reclaim it while acquiring valuable gardening skills in the process. Many of them aim at spreading the concepts back in their own areas!


The Ostaz Gamal garden acts as a learning center for spreading knowledge about urban permaculture and sustainable living. Children and volunteers come to help out with the garden efforts and take valuable knowledge back with them.

We plan on creating plant ID cards to use for teaching kids about the diverse spectrum of plant species present in the Ostaz Gamal garden

Spreading Plants

Plant Nursery

Part of the garden is used as a plant nursery to serve as a "reservoir", using Mr Gamal's words, for colors and scents. By propagating plants in that area we will be able to keep expanding into more and more of the neighbouring street gardens in Heliopolis and elsewhere.

Rare Species

The garden will also serve as a place for preserving and propagating rare species and those plants that are under the threat of being extinct.

Seed Bank

Seeds produces from diverse plants in the garden are to be collected and properly stored forming a seed bank to preserve the species and to help in propagation efforts.

Spreading the Bounty

Compost Production

The garden will also stand as a production site for compost. This could provide a rich source of fertility for the garden as well as neighboring garden plots.

Compost heap

It will also double as a site for reducing the amount of garbage!

Fruit Production

As the fruit trees mature, the garden will also be supplying the local community as well as passersby with a rich produce of fresh fruits!