The garden has already started to attract some 'settlers' such as cattle egrets and cats. The following species enjoy a mutual joyful life at Ostaz Gamal's Garden:


Wild cats come to visit the garden and have some rest inside!

Functions: fertilizes the soil, keeps rats and weasel away


Jasmine flowers produce a pleasant aroma in the garden and can be later used to produce jasmine flower recklessness.

Functions: provides pleasant scent

White jasmine flower


Earthworms benefit the soil by aerating it and improving its physical properties plus helping decompose any decaying roots and richly fertilizing the soil in the process.

Earthworms also serve as an important agent in the composting process helping transform garden waste into healthy nutrient-rich organic fertilizer that can then be used to 'feed' the soil and generously enrich it.

Functions: fertilizes the soil, aerates the soil, brings oxygen to the roots, improves drainage, improves soil mechanical properties for easier root penetration, recycle garden and household waste.


Cattle Egrets

Cattle Egrets are white birds that are popular in Egypt and are promoted as a pest control species. In the official Egyptian school curriculum children are taught early at primary school that the "Cattle Egret is the friend of the farmer."

Functions: controls pests


Hibiscus produces lovely colorful flowers which adds to the color 'palette' of the garden! It also serves to attract butterflies and bees!

Functions: attracts butterflies and bees, provides pleasant colors

yellow flower

Date Palms

Functions: provide shade, provide dates, provide palm fronds for making baskets

Lantana Camara

Function: adds color to the garden

Yellow flowers

Pink Flowers

Function: add color to the garden

Pink flowers


Function: provide protection for the garden

Kid on bike


This is a list of the currently existing flora and fauna in the garden:
  1. Homo Sapiens إنسان
  2. Cattle egrets أبو قردان
  3. Hoopoes هدهد
  4. Crows غراب
  5. Cats قطة
  6. Bees نحل
  7. Dragonflies
  8. Butterflies فراشة
  9. Flies ذباب
  10. Earthworms دودة الأرض
  11. Date palms نخيل البلح
  12. Lemon ليمون
  13. Oranges برتقال
  14. Mangoes مانجو
  15. Ligustrum vulgare تمر حنة
  16. Lucky bean tree
  17. Ficus فيكس
  18. Night blooming jasmine مسك الليل
  19. Lantana camara
  20. Mint نعناع
  21. Basil ريحان
  22. Japanese Honeysuckle شبر فايد
  23. Hibiscus
  24. Frangipani ياسمين هندى
  25. Jasmine ياسمين

Future Plants

We are seeking the following plants to grow in the garden:

  1. Sunflowers دوّار الشمس
  2. Bitter orange نارنج
  3. Guava جوافة
  4. Buckthorn سدر - نبق
  5. Ground cherries حرنكش
  6. Doum palm نخيل الدوم
  7. Prickly pears تين شوكى
  8. Salvadora persica آراك